Emojily Customer Reviews:


What do you do after you downloaded


Love it

This app changed my android to the best I've been looking for a app like this


I really love it. It helps because I'm bored with myne

Does what it says.

What 4 ??



WHY???? This app is pointlesssss.... NO ONE CARES ABOUT SEEING HOW THEY LOOK TO THEM. Where the heck do we come in? I installed this thinking it was a keyboard so when you sent them that's what they looked like. I uninstalled this piece of crap app, because it showed you what they looked like. BORING


This app will just show your filthy emojis in iOS style. This won't convert your emojis. Swear


Love the emoji but how to change it in phone

Hate it

Doesn't work

Idk how to use

This app just to see how diferent ur emojis are to ios. I need ios emojis, not an app where you compare my emojis to apple.

Samsung galaxy S2 😘

Not yet

I haven't downloaded the app yet and I've read the comments is this going to be as good as I thought

Low Support



Thanks soo much! This is so useful!


Why is this rated low it's amazing


It wasn't what I was looking for and there is no purpose to it...

Love it


Ads Cover Content

Ads are now intrusive and so disruptive that it takes away from the functionality. Don't put ads directly over content in hopes that users will accidentally click on it. There's plenty of unused screen real estate up top to place a banner ad. Will be uninstalling until another solution is made.

How do i use it??

When i tried to go on it only showed what it will look like it went no farther.

Love it😊

its a really good app , your should try it ; it looks just like iphone emojis but a little small , your need to fix that 😊 , but everythung else is good 😌

Such a good app.

So good

Does exactly what it says!

This app doesn't work

I thought it works out of the app but it doesn't you have to memorize it😡

Doeant work! I tryied texting my girlfriend on hangouts using this it diesnt work pkease give me instructions

Doesnt work

I thought it would turn my android emojis to ios emojis when im texting people but it only does it in the app

It sucks

I read the comments

I read the comments and said it was really working and it does! Kinda annoying

Very fake stupid

This is so stupid waste of time don't download it all these are freaking fake reviews all it does is show u how iOS emojis look like stupid app

help me

how does this work all it tells me is how it looks like for ios users plzz help me"!😣😣😣

I love the ad !

I especially like how it gets in the way of the conversion, the main reason why you would download this app ! Hahah, awesome !

I dont try yet

But i think it's awesome

It dont do nun

Useful, but needs work

It does its job successfully with one big exception: emojis that don't exist in ios show up in the app as duplicates of the typed emoji, which is very misleading if you don't catch it. The ad placement is annoying, but not a deal-breaker.

Didn't work

The app does not bring up the option to type emojis on my samsung. I immediately deleted the app.


It's really good at defining emojis, but it crashes a lot. (I've obly successfully used it one time, I think it has a limit of 100 emojis at once then quits)





It doesn't even open. So it's pretty useless.


Love it had amazing emojis❤❤❤❤👑